Dr. Marta Callotta is an in-network member of two Preferred Provider Organizations: the Chiropractic Health Plan of California (CHPC), and Blue Shield.

We would be happy to check on your coverage before you begin care here. We are glad to help you bill your own insurance if you’re not sure how to do it. Please call us here at Long Beach Spine & Rehabilitation if you have any questions regarding your insurance. The phone number is (562) 938-8770.

I have been in an accident. Can you help me?

Yes, we can help. If you have auto insurance with Med Pay, we can bill them directly. If the accident is the other person’s fault, you have several choices. We encourage you to set up a no-cost consultation at our office to review your options.

Do I need a prescription from my MD to see a chiropractor?

Doctors of Chiropractic are portal-of-entry providers, like dentists. You don’t need permission or a referral to see one. Some insurance companies use a gatekeeper—a person or entity that limits different types of care. On a few plans, the insurance company may require a referral, but this is not common and has only to do with billing. That’s why it’s always a good idea to check with your insurance first to make sure of your benefits for chiropractic services.

I don’t have any insurance. Can I be seen? Is it really expensive?

Many of our patients have no insurance. Others might have high deductible plans that cover major medical insurance (emergency surgeries and such). For our non-insurance and high-deductible patients, we offer a special pay-as-you-go discount if you take care of the bill at the time of service. We take cash, checks and all major credit cards. We also can arrange for in-house X-rays and we can help you set up out-of-office testing such as MRIs, CT scans and other types of advanced imaging tests.

As for expense… we like to think that our chiropractic treatments can offer a less expensive first line alternative that may help you avoid costlier measures.

I play for one of the athletic teams that the Doctors work with. Is there a special rate?

Yes, please mention what team you play for when you call to make your appointment.

Why doesn’t insurance cover everything you do in the office?

We may offer some services that your insurance company or the company you work for does not include as a benefit under the plan you chose. Our certified training in disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems requires us to recommend what we believe to be the best treatment plan for your health. We work for you, not your insurance company.

Health insurance carriers don’t always agree with their providers, or with each other, and they have many different plans that have different combinations of benefits. Please make sure you are aware of what YOUR policy limits are. We bill as a service to the best of our ability. We ultimately cannot be responsible for the contract between you and your insurance company, particularly if we are not contracted with them. Please direct any more questions you might have to our insurance billing specialist.

Will my insurance cover massage?

If you have a prescription for massage from one of our doctors or your own, your insurance MAY cover it. Please have our staff check for you and your particular insurance before you schedule your appointment. It must be deemed medically necessary in order to be considered for reimbursement by most plans.