Diagnostic and Consultation

Blood Panel Analysis:

Blood work is evaluated to determine deficiency/excess of specific blood markers in your body. Supplements are recommended depending on your results.

Diet & Nutritional Counseling:

Your diet log is evaluated by a doctor and she makes recommendations as to what needs to be added or eliminated to provide your body with the nutrition it needs to function properly.

Home Exercise Program:

A personalized program is recommended depending on the evaluation of your physical abilities and health goals.

Orthodics – Custom:

Your gait is evaluated and feet examined, then scanned. The scanned picture of your feet is sent to Foot Levelers and custom orthotics are made to fit your feet. They are helpful for plantar fasciitis, knee pain, low back pain, and much more.

Scoliosis Screening:

Screening of children and adolescents for improper curves in their spine that may continue to progress at a quick rate while they are still growing, causing long term difficulties.

Sports and School Physicals:

We perform sports and school physicals.