Diagnostics & Consultation


Blood Panel Analysis

A blood sample is analyzed to determine deficiency/excess of specific blood markers in your body. We recommend dietary changes, nutritional supplements and lifestyle modifications depending on your results and goals.

We have cash-based discount programs set up with blood draw locations and laboratories to help you obtain the testing you need at affordable pricing.

Diet & Nutritional Counseling

The doctor evaluates your diet log and makes recommendations to address excesses or deficiencies. The goal is to provide your body with the nutritional support it needs to function at its optimum.

Home Exercise Program

We formulate a personalized home exercise program that takes your physical abilities and your health goals into consideration. Every program is individualized and unique to each patient.

Orthotics – Over the Counter (OTC) and Custom

We do orthotics three ways,

1. Over the counter, which is the most cost effective and often resolves the issue
2. Custom – Soft using a scanner
3. Custom – Hard using a casting

First, we evaluate your gait and posture and then we examine and then scan your feet. Often an over-the-counter orthotic shoe insert is sufficient to resolve the patient’s specific issue and we have a variety to choose from. If we feel a custom orthotic is required, we send the scanned information electronically to an orthotics laboratory where custom soft orthotics are made specifically to fit your feet. If your situation would be better served by a hard orthotic, then we make a plaster casting of your foot, from which a custom, hard orthotic is made. Orthotics are helpful for plantar fasciitis, foot and ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain, low back pain, and much more.

Scoliosis Screening

We screen children and adolescents for improper curves in their spine that may continue to progress at a quick rate while they are still growing, causing long-term difficulties. We may make recommendations for treatments or we may refer you to a physician for further evaluation.