Staying Healthy in 2012

10.  Eat Healthy – Get Back to Basics

  •   What Goes In Is What Comes Out
  •   Quality Nutritional Supplements

9.   Drink Lots of Water

  •   Dehydration causes a variety of health issues,  ie: headaches, poor digestion and elimination, dry skin, etc.

8.  Exercise

  •   Stress relief
  •   Look good and stay fit
  •   Time alone

7.  Stress Management

  •   Stress is the number one killer in our society
  •   Music, relaxation tapes, exercise

6.  Weight Control

  •   Excess pounds make you feel lethargic
  •   Can lead to back/neck pain

5.  Vacation / Time Off

  •   Leads to increased productivity.
  •   There’s a time for work and time for play…All work and no play make us dull, tired and no fun to be around.

4.  Comfortable Shoes

  •   When your feet hurt, everything hurt
  •   Higher heeled shoes throw balance off and promote back/neck pain

3.  Believe in a Higher Power

  •   Takes the pressure off us
  •   Something stronger to believe in than ourselves

2.  Have a Hobby

  •   Emotional / Physical Outlet
  •   Broadens Your Horizon

1.  Chiropractic Care

  •   Everything in your body works because of your nervous system
  •   Chiropractic care to the spine is (what) …

a) WD40 is to a rusty hinge

b) Dentistry is to the teeth

c) A natural way to keep your body healthy and moving

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It’s that time again when we zip through to the end of the year and all the holidays that come with it. Are you finding yourself under holiday stress? Maybe you have been trying to eat better and find that all the holiday parties are tempting you to go off track. Or stressing about the financial implications that usually come along with Christmas and other gift giving holidays. It can be overwhe