Staying Healthy in 2012

10.  Eat Healthy – Get Back to Basics

  •   What Goes In Is What Comes Out
  •   Quality Nutritional Supplements

9.   Drink Lots of Water

  •   Dehydration causes a variety of health issues,  ie: headaches, poor digestion and elimination, dry skin, etc.

8.  Exercise

  •   Stress relief
  •   Look good and stay fit
  •   Time alone

7.  Stress Management

  •   Stress is the number one killer in our society
  •   Music, relaxation tapes, exercise

6.  Weight Control

  •   Excess pounds make you feel lethargic
  •   Can lead to back/neck pain

5.  Vacation / Time Off

  •   Leads to increased productivity.
  •   There’s a time for work and time for play…All work and no play make us dull, tired and no fun to be around.

4.  Comfortable Shoes

  •   When your feet hurt, everything hurt
  •   Higher heeled shoes throw balance off and promote back/neck pain

3.  Believe in a Higher Power

  •   Takes the pressure off us
  •   Something stronger to believe in than ourselves

2.  Have a Hobby

  •   Emotional / Physical Outlet
  •   Broadens Your Horizon

1.  Chiropractic Care

  •   Everything in your body works because of your nervous system
  •   Chiropractic care to the spine is (what) …

a) WD40 is to a rusty hinge

b) Dentistry is to the teeth

c) A natural way to keep your body healthy and moving

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