Are You Over Sitting?

Long Hours of Sitting can Negatively Impact the Natural Curve of the Spine

Over Sitting

Think of how often you sit … at work, while you drive, and when you eat or relax. Sitting compresses spinal discs, and the longer you’re in a chair, the more likely you are to slouch and add pressure to the neck and back. Studies suggest that sitting for more than half your day can increase your chances of developing serious health problems. Long hours sitting can negatively impact the natural curve of the spine. Our bodies were not meant to sit and be still all day long. It’s important to be mindful of this. Get up every hour and move.

The cause of your chronic back pain can be determined by our team at Long Beach Spine and Rehabilitation. Before coming in, you can also make an educated guess based on your lifestyle. Consider how long you’re sitting each day and assess your posture. If you don’t have an ergonomic work station or don’t consciously support your lower back while sitting, that may be the root of your pain.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take. Periodically, get up from your desk and walk around to give your spine a break. Add in some stretches throughout the day that elongate the spine and be sure to get your workout in.  Chair supports can help properly position the natural curve of your lumbar spine. You may even consider a standing desk. If you’re still having back pain, it’s time to visit our chiropractic health center for a more comprehensive evaluation.

Living with chronic back pain can be miserable, but chiropractic adjustments can help get your spine back to where it needs to be. The team at Long Beach Spine and Rehabilitation Chiropractic Health Center has helped patients with sciatica, neck pain, shoulder pain and everything in between. Call 562-938-8770 to set up your free consultation and first treatment today. Visit us online to see our full list of Chiropractic Services.


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