Sports Chiropractic Medicine for Athletes

Sports Chiropractic can help you take the best care of your body now and build healthy habits for the future. 

sports chiropractic

Athletes everywhere understand what it means to work hard and play hard. Amid training, practices and games – many athletes have a harder time taking care of their bodies for the long-term than others. From the field to the court, Sports Chiropractic can help you take the best care of your body now and build healthy habits for the future.

Sports Chiropractic developed in 1976 according to the ACA Sports Council. This is the year Olympic athletes started working with chiropractors specializing in sports medicine care. Many athletes were interested in long-term care that emphasized the prevention of injury and optimization of performance. In 1980, the first chiropractor was added to the United States Olympic medical team and became part of the training programs for many professional athletes.

Any type of athlete, especially those who depend on strength and stamina will find that a Sports Chiropractor is an important part of keeping their body in peak condition. At Long Beach Spine and Rehabilitation Chiropractic Health Center, we see firsthand the relief our clients feel when they walk through the doors, knowing that they are on the path to correct healing. 

Depending on the situation and severity of a client’s injuries, we use a variety of methods to help assist with the recovery process. Chiropractic adjustments allow patients to get back on the field or court by reducing their pain and addressing the underlying causes of potential problems. We also offer:

  • Physiotherapy to help restore range of motion and improve strength, balance, mobility and overall fitness.

  • Massage therapy to help relieve sore muscles during the healing process.

  • Educational tools to teach athletes about appropriate nutrition based on their specific needs and the sports they play.

As a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner (CCSP), Dr. Callotta has advanced training in athletic injuries and treatment. As a team chiropractor for the USA Olympic Beach Volleyball team since 2010, Dr. Callotta is hands-on, takes a holistic approach to treating sports conditions, and is committed to getting patients back to a healthy lifestyle, peak performance and balance. She travels internationally with the USA Olympic Beach Volleyball team and coordinates medical staffing for local volleyball events. Her areas of expertise for athletes include:

  • Assessment and management of athletic related injury and illness
  • Manual medicine techniques for the spine and extremities
  • Clinical applications of exercise and physiology
  • Concussion evaluation and management
  • Pre-participation evaluations
  • Rehabilitation
  • Soft tissue care
  • Analysis of sport specific mechanics
  • Application of kinesiology tape and braces
  • Sports nutrition
  • Sports psychology
  • Clinical measurement of athletic performance

Dr. Callotta is also available to provide low cost, comprehensive and efficient sports physicals for multiple teams throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. By coming to the team, she makes it convenient for coaches and cost effective for parents.

Are you looking for a Sports Chiropractor to get you back in the game? Let’s get the ball rolling again!

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