Negative Effects of Sugar

negative effects of sugar

10 Reasons Why Sugar isn’t so Sweet to Your Body and Mind

From crackers to sauces, cereals and fruit juices, added sugars are everywhere! Since many people rely on quick meals or snacks, most of which are processed, these products often contain large amounts of added sugar. Are you aware of the many reasons sugar isn’t so sweet for your body or your mind? Check out the list below at 10 negative effects of sugar.

1. Can cause weight gain – sugary foods and drinks increase your hunger and cravings for more sugar. Excess amounts of sugar also lead to more visceral fat accumulation, which is a type of deep belly fat associated with conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

2. Can cause cavities and tooth decay.

3. Suppresses the immune system – too much sugar can curb your immune system from attacking bacteria within your body.

4. Can cause depression and anxiety in adults.

5. Can cause hyperactivity and behavioral issues in children.

6. Can cause headaches, including migraines.

7. Sugar can slow down the ability of the adrenal glands to function, which we need to produce vital hormones, regulate metabolism and respond to stress.

8. Causes constipation.

9. May increase your risk of certain cancers.

10. Overconsumption of sugar is linked to dementia and Alzheimer’s.

It is so important for our body and mind to fuel ourselves with whole, nutrient dense foods! By making a conscious effort to decrease and limit our sugar intake, we are setting ourselves up for an overall healthier life, both now and as we grow older.

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