Chiropractic-Your First Visit

Are you new to chiropractic care and not sure what to expect? Or maybe just new to our office and wondering how your first visit will go? At Long Beach Spine and Rehabilitation Chiropractic Health Center, we strive to take the best care of our patients. Knowing what to expect during your first visit can help decrease some anxiety that might come along with doctor appointments.

Check out the list below at what you can expect during your initial new patient exam visit at our office.

1) Comprehensive exam- Dr. Callotta will review and discuss your health history, your symptoms and pain levels, then perform range of motion, muscle tone, muscle strength and postural tests to evaluate your current physical condition.

2) X-rays- Using our digital x-ray system, Dr. Callotta will take the necessary x-rays to review your case and discuss with you during your Report of Findings appointment.

3) Physiotherapy Based on your condition/injury and pain levels, Dr. Callotta may suggest electrical stimulation, accompanied with either moist heat or cryotherapy. Electrical stimulation is beneficial for reducing pain and swelling and promoting general muscle tone.

4) At the end of your first visit, you will be scheduled for your Report of Findings follow up appointment. During this appointment, your x-rays will be reviewed, along with your condition and treatment plan. This is your time to ask Dr. Callotta any additional questions you might have, address concerns regarding your case or chiropractic care and review payment information with one of our staff members.

Our patients are our number one priority! We want everyone who seeks treatment at our office to feel well taken care of, informed and comfortable with their treatment. If at any time you have questions about your care or your insurance/payment information, please do not hesitate to ask! Dr. Callotta and our staff are happy to answer questions and talk about any concerns you might have.

Now that you know what to expect during your first visit, what are you waiting for? Schedule your new patient appointment today! 562-938-8770

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