The Importance of Staying Hydrated


staying hydrated

As the summer is heating up, it is even more important than ever to stay hydrated! Did you know that every cell, tissue and organ in your body needs water to function properly? From getting rid of waste in our bodies, to lubricating our joints and carrying nutrients to our cells, our bodies are made up of up to 60% water! They rely on proper hydration to function at its optimal levels. Look at just a few of the many benefits of staying hydrated:

1. Water helps muscles and joints work more efficiently.

2. Water helps cleanse your body – your kidneys need water to filter waste.

3. Increases energy levels and combats fatigue – Water is an important energy source and fatigue is one of the first signs of dehydration.

4. Increases mental clarity.

5. Prevents headaches/migraines.

6. Water keeps your skin supple, thereby reducing wrinkles and providing a younger appearance.

7. Improves the digestive system.

8. Can help with weight loss – water can increase your sense of fullness and therefore boost your metabolic rate.

9. Water regulates your body temperature, which is especially essential when in hotter environments.

10. Water helps regulate your blood pressure.

11. Staying hydrated boosts your performance during exercise.

It’s clear to see how beneficial and crucial staying hydrated is for your overall wellness. Unsure of how much water to drink? The general rule of thumb Dr. Callotta recommends for patients is to drink half your body weight in ounces. Keep in mind there are exceptions to this for those people with certain health conditions, those who consume a lot of dehydrating foods or drink, or who are extremely active.

Have questions about hydration or how to improve your overall health?

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