A New You-Without Caffeine

quit caffeine

Quit Caffeine Once and For All

Have you ever wondered how caffeine affects your body, besides giving you a temporary jolt of energy? Consuming large amounts of caffeine can leave you feeling restless, irritable, cause rapid heartbeat and digestive issues, just to name a few. The temporary sense of wakefulness really isn’t worth all the negative side effects caffeine can have on your body. 

With that said, what would the new you look once you quit caffeine? Take a look at a few examples…

1. Better sleep!

2. Better nutrient absorption! Caffeine can prevent your body from taking in the minerals and vitamins as it normally would.

3. Whiter teeth! – Coffee and soda can stain and discolor your teeth with their acidity.

4. Better digestion and less bathroom breaks! – Caffeine can act as a laxative and disrupt your normal digestion process.

5. Decreased anxiety! – Caffeine can cause jittery nervousness.

6. Lowered blood pressure! – Caffeine causes spikes in your blood pressure.

7. No longer being dependent on that morning coffee or afternoon soda!

8. More energy! – Caffeine provides a temporary energy boost, but then leads to rebound fatigue after it leaves your system.

9. Less pain! – Caffeine can elevate pain levels.

10. Decreased or no headaches! – Caffeine is addicting and can cause headaches if you don’t keep consuming it regularly.

Ready to quit caffeine? Consider tapering yourself off by half your normal amount every week and replacing your usual caffeinated beverages with water. Be aware, some experience headaches for a few days once removing caffeine from their system. Work through it, they will pass. Staying hydrated will help with any withdrawal symptoms.


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