Family Chiropractic Care

Meet the Walker Family! It has been our pleasure to be their family chiropractor since 2008. We have been able to help the entire family through injuries, aches and pains and maintaining their overall health. Scotty Walker is an avid cyclist and also a Longshoreman with the ILWU. 

Being their family chiropractor has been a joy, seeing their children grow up and helping to keep their spines in line and healthy, continues to be very rewarding.

Read their testimonial below:

family chiropractic care “My husband started seeing Dr. Callotta and her staff back in 2008. Due to his work he needs regular adjustments to keep his body in good shape. Then I started going into the office in 2011. We have been on a regular healthcare program with Dr. Callotta ever since. Also we have 4 kids, 2 of whom are adults now. They all have been under Dr. Callotta’s care for years. She is the first person we call anytime one of our kids has an injury, sports related or otherwise. She has seen my kids through wrestling, gymnastics and most recently cheer. She also handles all of our sports physicals. She is definitely our family doctor! Everyone in the office is friendly and knowledgeable about their jobs. Dr. Callotta always takes the time to listen and talk to you about any issue you have, old or new.”

Thank you Walker Family for trusting Dr. Callotta and for the kind words!

Chiropractic care is a family affair, everything is fine when the spine is in line.

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