At Home Relief

Are you stressed and/or in pain and looking for self-care treatments you can implement at home? Below are several options for temporary at home relief.

1. Ice and Heat Packs – For acute pain, inflammation, or an injury, ice is usually best. For stiffness and to help loosen up muscles, heat is recommended. Sometimes a combination of the both can be beneficial. Stick to 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off to avoid further injury. Be careful not to burn or frost bite yourself. Use a thin towel/sheet between skin and application.

2. Home Electrical Stimulation Unit – Portable home units are highly effective to decrease pain and inflammation, increase range of motion and help relax muscles.  

3. Brizo Pure Suthe – Ingestible, organic, hemp based, aqueous CBD fluid that works naturally to decrease stress and anxiety. Effective for reducing inflammation in the body and calming the mind.

4. Brizo Pure ReLeaf CBD Muscle Rub – A lotion product that eases your tired body with the strength of CBD plus 8 botanical ingredients and 6 natural moisturizers.

5. CBD Clinic Level 5 Cream – In addition to the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD, this hemp based, topical balm also delivers two high potency pain killers (Menthol and Camphor).


6. Bio Freeze – An extraordinarily strong topical analgesic, with a cooling menthol formula, Bio freeze is proven to provide temporary muscle and joint pain relief.



All products are available now in our office for pickup. Call (562) 938-8770 should you have questions or need more information. Don’t wait, get some relief today!

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We are excited to now offer cupping as a massage add on! Cupping uses vacuum suction to decompress soft tissues. Most patients find cupping relaxing and painless. A few of the many benefits to cupping are:  – Improves blood and lymphatic circulation  – Pain relief  – Removes toxins  – Scar tissue release  – Decreases muscle tightness Please let the front desk know when scheduling your appointmen