Holiday Stress

holiday stress

It’s that time again when we zip through to the end of the year and all the holidays that come with it. Are you finding yourself under holiday stress? Maybe you have been trying to eat better and find that all the holiday parties are tempting you to go off track. Or stressing about the financial implications that usually come along with Christmas and other gift giving holidays. It can be overwhelming and cause unnecessary stress.

Take some time to create a game plan heading into this season so that you don’t lose track of what the holidays really are about, which is spending time with those we love!

Check out a few tips below to avoid holiday stress:

1. SPEND MORE TIME, NOT MONEY! Give the gift of experiences and time this year. Instead of buying tangible gifts for loves ones, plan a special outing to a museum, theme park, sporting event or a movie! Create memories that will last longer than that toy or item from a store.

2. If you’re following a specific diet to try to meet goals or be healthier, don’t use parties as an excuse to overindulge! Treat yourself, but do not abandon the healthy habits you have created. Bringing healthier dishes to parties also helps ensure you have better options to eat.

3. Don’t overcommit. If you are already spread thin this time of year, don’t feel the need to say “yes” to every party invitation. It’s OKAY to politely decline and take some time for self-care at home.

4. Stick to a budget! If you want to purchase gifts for family and friends, set a manageable and realistic budget that won’t put you into debt and STICK TO IT!

5. Reach out. The holiday season can be isolating for some. Don’t let your spirits stay low. If you are feeling lonely during the holidays, seek out events in your community, volunteer your time to help others or call a friend.

Don’t let holiday stress dampen your spirit, enjoy this special time of year to the fullest.

May your holiday season be filled with love, laughter and peace!

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