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new year special
Start 2021 by taking control of your health and making it a priority this year! Address those nagging pains you have been ignoring, get answers to general health and nutrition questions, or information about our massage therapy services.  Through the month of January, we are offering a $100 New Year’s New Patient Special that includes   …READ MORE
Neck Strain Causes, Symptoms and Natural Relief    Ever watch a pre-PC era movie and ask yourself: How were these people possibly doing any productive business with just pen and paper. No laptops? Not even a desktop…? The good news is that time has proven that even those pre-tech eras kept our world going. But the bad news is that, althou…READ MORE
As an essential healthcare provider, it is our pleasure to serve our community’s healthcare needs. With the health and wellness of our patients and staff as our highest priority, several measures are being taken to ensure a safe and sanitary visit to our office. In addition to a rigorous sanitizing regime throughout the office, here are s…READ MORE
6 Tips to Protect Your Mental and Physical Health We are currently living in unprecedented times. Social distancing and staying home have become the new normal during the worldwide COVID-19, or coronavirus, pandemic, meaning everyone is home – kids are home from school and parents are either working from home or not working at all. That’s…READ MORE
new patient special
Throughout the month of July, we are offering our $99 New Patient Special. This offer includes: Comprehensive Exam Needed X-Rays Report of findings Electrodes  Physiotherapy What better time than now to take advantage of this amazing promotion and start or resume chiropractic care! Keep your immune system firing on all cylinders by keepin…READ MORE
meditation for anxiety
How to Reduce Coronavirus Anxiety with Mindfulness and Meditation If you have found yourself feeling anxious during the past few weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic, you are not alone. Some of us are living in areas of the country that have been hit harder than others, and the uncertainty of what will come is extremely unsettling. For m…READ MORE
  Vitamins and minerals play an essential role in supporting your immune system and now, more than ever, it is important to make sure your body is functioning on all cylinders. Unless you are eating a fully balanced, nutrient rich diet, most of us are not getting enough of the vitamins we need, especially the most vital ones to boost our…READ MORE
home relief
Are you stressed and/or in pain and looking for self-care treatments you can implement at home? Below are several options for temporary at home relief. 1. Ice and Heat Packs – For acute pain, inflammation, or an injury, ice is usually best. For stiffness and to help loosen up muscles, heat is recommended. Sometimes a combination of the bo…READ MORE
   Long term patient of our office, Jessica Ridgeway, has traveled to various parts of Africa with her parents performing missionary work. At age 17, she founded African Sisterhood. It’s a non-profit organization with the goal of empowering Kenyan girls by filling the demand for feminine hygiene products in rural Kenya. Girls in Kenya mis…READ MORE
Give the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation for Valentine’s Day this year for yourself and loved ones with a MASSAGE! We are offering $5 off 30 minute massage and $10 off 60 minute massage through February 14th. Come by our office to purchase your gift certificates and call 562-938-8770 to schedule YOUR massage TODAY! You may also call i…READ MORE

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It’s that time again when we zip through to the end of the year and all the holidays that come with it. Are you finding yourself under holiday stress? Maybe you have been trying to eat better and find that all the holiday parties are tempting you to go off track. Or stressing about the financial implications that usually come along with Christmas and other gift giving holidays. It can be overwhe