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Pain in the elbow, wrist or hand can be a combination of a variety of issues. In certain cases, there exists some kind of degeneration of cartilage or ligaments creating the underlying cause of elbow, wrist or hand discomfort. Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Ganglion Cysts, Tenosynovitis, Bursitis, Golfer or Tennis Elbow, and Trigger Finger are some injuries or conditions that can cause pain or irritation in these areas of the body.

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Daily repetitive stress activities such as typing, exercising, lifting, sports and stretching can strain the joints and stretch the soft tissue. Often when treated without chiropractic care, only the symptoms are targeted rather than the causes, which means that the pain may subside for a while but reoccur after a period of time.

At Long Beach Spine and Rehabilitation Chiropractic Health Center, we examine you and conduct diagnostic tests to discover exactly what is causing your elbow, wrist or hand pain. It is important to pinpoint the cause and begin the most appropriate treatment. We determine if your problem is mild and transitory, or serious and likely to trouble you for a long time.

The following treatments are used at our center specifically for elbow, wrist, or hand pain:

Chiropractic Therapy 
Massage Therapy 
Nutritional Management 
• Exercise Programs
• Patient Education

It’s essential to understand how to keep yourself healthy. We also educate our patients about the causes of their symptoms and how to take proactive measures to help avoid future re-aggravation of their condition.

Let us help you relieve your suffering.

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We are excited to now offer cupping as a massage add on! Cupping uses vacuum suction to decompress soft tissues. Most patients find cupping relaxing and painless. A few of the many benefits to cupping are:  – Improves blood and lymphatic circulation  – Pain relief  – Removes toxins  – Scar tissue release  – Decreases muscle tightness Please let the front desk know when scheduling your appointmen