At Long Beach Spine & Rehabilitation Chiropractic Health Center, we are equipped with the knowledge and experience to effectively approach and resolve a wide variety of health-related conditions.

Unlike conventional medicine, which addresses the symptoms, we emphasize the importance of focusing on the cause of the problem. We work with you to not just alleviate the pain but also improve your health in an effort to reduce the risk of re-occurrence. By determining and treating the root cause of your condition we take a more comprehensive approach to your situation. This is accomplished with a combination of Chiropractic Therapy, Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Nutritional Management, Exercise Programs and Patient Education.

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We are trained to analyze your body for a serious and often ignored condition called the subluxation. Subluxations can damage your nerves, cause tissue inflammation and muscles to tighten and knot, create fatigue, weaken your immune system, and set the stage for sickness and disease. We perform a safe, gentle correction or adjustment to relieve your body of the subluxation and the pressure on your nerves, brain and structural system.

Too many people put off treatment that can often solve many types of physical discomfort. The five most dangerous words in healthcare are “Maybe it will go away”. People who depend on strength and stamina have to take care of their bodies. We see the relief they feel when they walk through our doors, knowing that they are on the path to correct healing.

Package delivery, food servers, construction, dock workers, nurses – anyone who has to lift, bend, twist, or drive all day is at risk. And, if a physical condition is negatively affecting you at work, what is it doing to your personal and social life? We live in an active environment with perfect weather year-round. What are you missing out on?

We are here for you and treat a number of conditions including:



Whether you’re trying to get back into shape and wanting to maximize your performance, or a pregnant mother-to-be with lower back pain or maybe, someone just wanting to get out and hit the greens again, we can help – and in many cases – extend your active lifestyle.

Most patients feel real improvement from the very first treatment.

Give us a call at 562.938.8770, schedule a FREE Consultation and let’s get the ball rolling again.


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