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“I’ve worked with a lot of Chiropractors in my career as a professional beach volleyball player and I grew up having one as my dad, so I think my standards are pretty high! Dr. Callotta is one of the best chiropractors I’ve ever worked with, not only because she keeps my spine straight as an arrow, but because she’s such an energetic and positive person to be around. It’s always pleasant going in for an adjustment. I get a lot of whiplash diving around in the sand and as long as I get in regularly to see Dr. Callotta I’m able to deal with is so that I can continue to compete. I don’t know what I would do without her. Now that I am heading to the Olympics I’m counting on her to keep me healthy and ready to win the gold! Thanks Dr. Callotta!”

April R. (Silver Medalist 2012 London Olympics)

“Chiropractic is the world’s largest, drug-less healing profession. Chiropractors work with the natural healing powers of the body to restore health. We don’t put things in to the body or take things from the body. We remove nerve interference so the body that built itself, can heal itself.”


“In 1992, I experienced a horrific physical injury. My sacrum was broken, pelvis was separated by nine inches, the muscles, ligaments, and tendons were torn from my legs. I had, and continue to have, severe nerve damage. I have been in a doctor’s ongoing care ever since the injury. After multiple surgeries and a great deal of pain, the only option left was pain pills. I had tried other chiropractors before, but with no success.

Dr. Callotta’s systematic care and patience with me this past year has been fantastic. My pain levels are at a very manageable level and I have been able to sleep, walk, and workout with less and less pain. Because of my injury I have gained a great deal of weight. Dr. Callotta has been helpful in managing my weight challenges and continues to monitor my success. If you are considering a Chiropractor or a solution to pain management without drugs, I highly recommend Dr. Marta Callotta.”

Rev. Chuck C., semi-retired

“I have been a patient for 3 years, and have been under the best chiropractic treatment I have ever received in my life. The staff at this office are kind, caring and professional. They are well-staffed which makes appointments that fit my schedule always possible. I have received much healing over these years to various injuries, as well as advice on living an active & healthy life.”


“Dr. Marta Callotta is an excellent chiropractor and has relieved my back, knee, and foot pain with therapy and manipulation. I have osteoarthritis all over my body, and they keep me mobile, have increased my flexibility, and relieved chronic back and neck pain tremendously. The staff is warm, friendly, professional, and attentive to my specific needs.”


“Chiropractic eliminated my pain, it helped me relax. It is also making my spine stronger which will help prevent any relapse. This was my first chiropractic experience and I would be back in an instant.”

Hilda S.

“Medical doctors only want to medicate not treat the source. Dr. Callotta has helped me understand my body and now I can be as pain free as possible even if my bones don’t look like her skeleton in her conference room. Everyone could benefit from chiropractic adjustments regardless of age.”

Sue S.

“I am nearly pain free. I am able to do the activities I was not able to do before because of the pain. Chiropractic is a great way to maintain good health without the use of medications or intrusive medical procedures.”

Maria H.

“My neck and upper back are not as stiff. I have days that are pain free. This is the best thing that I could have done for myself. Dr. Callotta and her staff are the best!”

Irene P.

“I didn’t know how much pain I was in until it was gone! Chiropractic has also helped me significantly in preparation for my first marathon.”

Eric R.

“I recovered from my injury much quicker than if I had not received chiropractic. I feel better now than I have in over a year.”

Tricia R.

“My health and well-being has been rejuvenated. I am more happy and energetic.”

Monserat H.

“I feel so much better. I can turn my head and my posture is improving. I am happier.”

Cindy S.

“I can participate in normal activities now and have improved my overall health.”

Karen S.


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